SNK style watch

Saw this on one of the watch YouTube channels. VH31 mecha quartz. Titanium with sapphire crystal. Very strong SNK vibe. And around $60. 71 grams. Fits my 7.5 inch wrist as it shipped. If you have larger wrists, opt for the nylon strap. Crown is very tiny and fiddly. More than the SNK's crown. Seems as light as my SNK.


Definitely gives me an SNK vibe. Pretty cool that the case material is titanium with a sapphire crystal for that price for sure. At first glance before reading the post. I thought I was looking at a Seiko.

Not bad!

I like

Can you post a link to it?

Price is up from my order. Wait for the March sale.

I got mine in the 11.11 sale last year. Mine was the unbranded version. My son stole it and I鈥檓 happy he has a watch now.

Say what you will about the brand name, but Berny has some nice watches in a short life span. #berny