Kinetic Seiko power indicator problems.

I recently replaced the capacitor in my Seiko 3m21 with an MT516 battery. Lately the power indicator feature has become messed up. I know the MT516 is not the same type of part as the capaciotr so the module wonโ€™t read it the same. I am wondering if anybody else has had issues like this. When I press it sometimes it will jump 30 seconds and wait until the seconds catch up to the hand position and then I can press the button again (Iโ€™d call this normal behavior), but lately I can press the button and it jumps 25 seconds the immedatly after I can make it jump another 25 seconds until I have to wait for the seconds to catch up. Seems strange. It is hard to guess how much juice my module has. Has anybody messed around with the 3m21/3m22 kinetics?