Stranger Danger !

As Enthusiasts we are always hunting, always looking, always dreaming. Scouring the wild for the merest glimpse of anything horologically interesting to stimulate our mundane existence. The human race is by nature inherently nosey.. we have all been there.. i am talking about watches on other peoples wrists... Out there in the wild, on people we dont know, Complete strangers! who may or may not appreciate our curious advances...

I get a real thrill when i see a quality watch or interesting timepiece by chance just going about my day. For me its a great conversation starter. Throw a compliment out to a random stranger, and before you know it your talking shop with some one unfamiliar about the hobby we love. Everyone likes to talk about their stuff. So what is the best encounters and most interesting people and time pieces you have seen lately. Or is the moment unanswered, are you too shy and leave the scene wondering if that watch was what you thought it was or some homage.. Discuss Please :)


I always look!  And comment if I reckon there is a good chance it’s another horo nerd like myself.  Worst case it’s friendly mistaken identity -,but sometimes it’s a fun convo 🙂


I was on a stag day out this weekend and one of the younger fellas was wearing an Apple watch on a blue perlon strap and I thought it looked fantastic. We got talking and he let me try it on so I gave him my Hamilton Pan Europ to have a go with, he knows zero about wristwatches and was blown away by the look of that dial and the comfort of that big case on the wrist. I am very taken with Apple watches but I think I'll miss a proper watch too much.