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San Antonio, TX, USA
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commented on CityZen's WRUW

Beautiful and unique watch Ned!馃憦馃憦馃憦

commented on sebalombardi's WRUW

Beautiful red dial Sebastiano!

commented on biglove's WRUW

Love it!

commented on Samnova's WRUW

One of my favorite watch brands.

For sentimental reasons. Nice watch Sam!

commented on aricardo's WRUW

This is not an expensive homage watch Licoln. $130 dollars approx.

commented on aricardo's WRUW
  • SC in the description means Super Clone. NH35 is the caliber that these watches came with, unfortuntately they are quartz now 馃槩.

commented on Illuminatingwatches's WRUW

I want a metal version like yours in like new condition but haven鈥檛 find one on ebay