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“Real diver watch” for a 6-year-old

“Hey dad, can I have a real dive watch like you wear?” ….Challenge accepted little buddy 🤿. When my son asked me this question, I pointed out to him t...
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AE. 17 | The Antiquarian Horologist- Brittany Nicole Cox

Full show notes available on the AE Substack Episode available in your favorite podcast app, including Spotify. It's interesting how artificial intell...

AE. 17 | Mechina Intelligence (early access)

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Analog Explorer Podcast : Episode 16 Watches and Wondering

For full notes, photos, and video links subscribe to ⁠Analog Explorer on Substack ⁠ and as always with a collab-episode, there will be an extended con...
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AnalogExplorer commented on What’s the most adventurous thing you’ll do with your watch? ·

From the summit of Mt. Saint Helens, to diving in the Gulf of Mexico and everything in between and the patina to show for it 🤙🏼⛰️🤿


AnalogExplorer commented on Please be honest, is it going to be ok? Just dinged my Speedmaster ·

Just means you made it yours 😎.

AnalogExplorer commented on Sleep with watch on or off? ·

I sleep with a Garmin Descent G1 solar on my right wrist. Left wrist is where my analog watch is during the day (unless I’m traveling) | yes I double wrist and no I don’t think it weird.


I dive pretty often so the Garmin is tracking a lot daily and nightly as well as being my dive computer. 🤙🏼🤿

AnalogExplorer commented on “Real diver watch” for a 6-year-old ·

Right on!! 🤿

AnalogExplorer commented on “Real diver watch” for a 6-year-old ·

Right on! Saw they added lume…just don’t tell my my 6-year old 😂 maybe for his birthday

AnalogExplorer commented on “Real diver watch” for a 6-year-old ·

I use CNS 18mm straps 🤙🏼

AnalogExplorer commented on Rare flea market win ·

Fantastic find!!

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Would you rather

A thought exercise. Yes we all have collections but what if we could have one watch? What would you value more if the opportunity came around where you could choose? ⌚️or 🌎 (And yes substitute grail f...
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Happy Farer Friday

🌎 🌍 🌏
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Time in between dives

One of the best things about having a watch while Analog Exploring are the moments you collect with it. The later, when you’re in the middle of the we...
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Analog Explorer Podcast AE 15 | Barrelhand Watches

Analog Explorer Podcast AE | 15 is now available in your podcast app of choice. Or on AnalogExplorer.Substack.com On the pod we have Karel Bachand tal...
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AE. 14 | Watches from on wrist to underwater

On this episode, Dan ( @Timely_Moments ) from the Zulu Time Podcast and I join back up for a joint 🇺🇸x🇬🇧 episode. We talk diving, the "kit husbandry"...

AE. 14 | Diving with Watches

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Happy Halloween 🎃

Underwater pumpkin carving contest.
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A House in the Suburbs of Watchville

Available on Substack- https://analogexplorer.substack.com/p/a-house-in-the-suburbs-of-watchville In the video I cover the basic ins and outs of Feedl...
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