Looking for input

Hey all,

I've got a coworker's husband who has some Invicta watches that needed battery replacement. I replaced two of them no problem, but this third one is giving me issues: it didn't actually need a battery replaced. However, the small second hand is stuck, and the watch is not keeping time - The chronograph function works just fine. I couldn't find anything online specifically addressing this issue, anyone have any thoughts?

Here is a link to the watch: https://www.invictawatch.com/watches/detail/26573-invicta-subaqua-men-50mm-stainless-steel-stainless-steel-blue-dial-z60-quartz


Sorry no clue. Think Invictas work on hope and unicorn tears.


My first thought is maybe the hand is stuck or has come loose? Or maybe you need to add unicorn tears.


This watch uses a Swiss Ronda Z60 movement. Should be able to find for under $30. No idea the cost to have it installed.