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Square Patek vs Circle Patek 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Although I may end up getting both (because I have no self control 馃お馃お), if you had to choose one, which one would you choose: 1944 18k Patek ref 1442 1962 18k Patek ref 2592
17 votes

Xeric Triptych Auto Wandering Hour Stone

I kinda like this. I wonder how long it鈥檇 take me to figure out how to efficiently read the time.

I almost did it; they almost got me 馃い馃槀

Luckily for me and against my impulsive nature, I have the BB58 pro gmt, which looks too similar to even consider how this one would get wrist time. I...

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PearlyP commented on Xeric Triptych Auto Wandering Hour Stone

I know id struggle to read the time and end up staring at the dial. 馃槀

PearlyP commented on NYC- Walked 5 miles and saw a lot of watches

The Aqua terra is on my wishlist too!

PearlyP commented on I bought a Fake By Mistake


PearlyP commented on Once per month...

That does work really well! 馃憣馃従

PearlyP commented on UnholiestJedi's WRUW

Very cool!

PearlyP commented on samcrow's WRUW


PearlyP commented on DH_NYC's WRUW

The fluted bezel hits different! 馃拵

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AP circa 1967

When late night digs, become real life treasures! I thought It was too good to be true when I found this beauty. The slow shipping had me feeling crun...

Wishlist: In awe of these cool Gerald Genta watches on chrono24

If only they were the price of a seiko 馃槀 馃槀

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down

Pulled from the website* Very conceptual and creative, but I think it would frustrate me when I really need to tell the time quickly. 馃槀

Sector dials, YAY or NAY?

There鈥檚 an elegantly vintage charm to sector dials. I recently seen a rolex pocket watch from the 40s with a sector dial. Although, I dont want a pocket watch, the dial caught my attention. Then, I st...
294 votes

Im sure that Im late to this, but wanted to share away! I love Biver鈥檚 passion for watchmaking! I feel like this is how I sound when Im telling a Navy story 馃槀

Jean Clayde Biver & his son Pierre鈥檚 Carillon Tourbillon