Zeppelin Watches

I am interested in the Zeppelin LZ127 open heart but don't know much about this particular brand. Hoping someone can shed some light and enlighten me a bit on Zeppelin watches in general before i commit to purchasing this watch. Thank You!

I wrote once something about Zeppelin and their owner company PointTec in my article about affordable german watches

They are in general soldid made in relation to their prices and are designed with a good eye for details.

You can often find them with discounts. At least here in germany.

They're made by Point-tec who own a range of German brands. Decent movements and quality control. I like their retro, slightly steam punk designs. But...

I can't wear them in good conscience as a Londoner because of Zeppelins did to the city.

I can vouch for their quartzes. I can鈥檛 speak for their automatics but the moment should be easily researchable. Fit/finish etc should be great.

I own Sony stuff and drive a VW, so bygones on that front. The Marshall Plan worked to everyone鈥檚 long-term benefit.

My only issue with their brand is that they have a tendency to use mineral, as opposed to sapphire, crystals. Otherwise, I understand them to be a fairly decently respected brand that tends to use Japanese movements in their pieces. For instance, they were one of the earliest adopters of the Miyota 9075: