20 minutes of Raketa watch factory tour

It is a 40 minute video, skip the first 21 minutes to get to the tour. Video is in Russian but you can turn on Subtitles and go into Settings to turn on Auto Translate for subtitles in some other language. It is not a perfect translation but it is workable.


If somebody from Seiko saw this they would say "How cute, a functional watchmaking museum!"


Well Seiko didnโ€™t have its country collapse so they could put on their Alpinists and take a hike!


The economies of scale are on a whole different level, even compared to the Vostok factory tour. It is amazing that Raketa still manages to stay afloat and keep doing things their way, in-house capabilities and all.

Not sure what entrance this is, maybe to the shop where the first 20 minutes takes place, but it does not bode well.