Camp fire thoughts

I can't believe I collect watches. I mean I can, but I'm still kinda struck on how hard it's taken hold. I went from watching a episode of JRC where Joe gave Lex Fridmen an Omega speedmaster and looking up the price and wondering who spends that kind of money on a watch?

Now a year and a half later I'm spending my time scavenging for watches all over.

my hobby has feed over into my clientele. The first thing I do is look at someone's wrist. I've made stronger connections with my clients too.

When I get a package in the mail my 4 year old doesn't even blink. "Dad got another watch mom!" Shhhhh, little boy she doesn't know about this one yet.

So as a sit here by the fire checking out WC and what's the latest post. I tip my hat, figuratively.

Thanks Crunchers.

Having experiences is what it鈥檚 all about. Adding a watch to the mix just sweetens the pot.


Forgot to add a lume shot. Silly me. 馃ゴ

A moment of clarity over a watch. Very cool.


Lolz it鈥檚 a serious disease!

Yeah, I never noticed watch boutiques or watches on ppls wrist until I started taken an interest in watches

It will never end 馃槶 but great looking piece though!

You're doomed!! 馃ぃ馃ぃ