Todays watch! Casio W-217H

Today, I'm wearing my Casio W-217H, with module nr: 3454. The light is the awesome amber numbers. And I do love the visibility of this one, though it's a bit too big for my taste. It's one of my f-91 look alikes ish lol. In terms of me actually using it, not very much... Which is a shame really. It's good a good WR of 50M, amazing readability, good enough light and nostalgia. Sadly, it's so mainstream and frankly kind of boring 馃槙聽

Don't hate me over this, but what made me buy it, was the good WR and inverted lighting. I am actually planning to sell this one, as I rarely use it, and rather want others to use it and love it. Though, I am going to think hard on it, as I need to be sure.聽


Good enough visible light at day lol