Sinn 103 Klassik 12 on Haveston M-1939-B A2

Still exploring single-pass strap options on my Sinn 103 Klassik 12, today it is on another Service Series Strap from Haveston. Can never go wrong with a military inspired strap design with the right color tones. This M-1936-B A2 looks pretty good with the chronograph.

VERY reluctantly passed on a new Japanese chronograph pre-order opened this morning. Let's just say there are limits to what one can purchase. You can't have them all, eh?

The takeaway from this is I take a look at what I already have in my collection. And, put on a favorite, preferably in the same general genre of said passed watch, and reminded why I have this adored watch in my collection. A strap change, as many of us know, is a great way to mix up the visual appeal of the watch. Can definitely refresh the excitement and enjoyment of having that watch on wrist again.