You know when you get that new watch...

You know when you get that new watch and it's so easy to drop your watch rotation in favor of just enjoying that new watch continuously for longer? Yeah, this is that watch for me right now. The Sinn 155 S Bright Star. I know I've seen a number of others post this watch recently, also. So, they must also know what I mean.

As high a praise as I have for this watch, I have to say, however, that the secondary included strap is absolute rubbish. I'm talking about the black Zulu strap with mismatched hardware to the black case. I absolutely loath the oversized hardware rings you have to press over to one side or the other. They are all located and grouped in weird locations that make it difficult to get a good fold-over. Sinn should have included a matching rubber strap or bracelet instead for the second strap..even a basic NATO-style strap would have been preferable. Which leads me to the strap I have paired with it now.

It's a ribbed NATO-style strap in black with matching black hardware. It seems pretty good quality and comfortable for as inexpensive as it is. I don't have the brand name of the strap. I got it off Amazon for less than $11. I think it works so well, I bought a few more to add alternative strap options for this Sinn.


Thanks. Actually, the print on the bezel is more like a grey with a hint of metallic. But, my eyes do read the print with a slight bit of warmth to it. It's definitely not gilt or gold. But, almost a warm grey with slight hint of metallic.

The watch from Revolution is $3600. WatchBuys in the U.S. has them listed for a little less. But, you have to wait for an uncertain amount of time.. could arrive in June.. maybe at the end of the year. And, when you factor in your local sales tax, it will be more than $3600 likely. I calculated with CA sales tax, it may end up costing just south of $3800. Idk where you are located? But, if you ordered from Revolution, there could be import duty to consider as well.

I believe Revolution has some partnership with The Watchbox/Govberg Jewelers. As such, I think they hold some of Revolution's inventory and ship their watches for them. Twice I ordered from Revolution (they are Singapore based, btw) and the origin of the shipment was within the United States, PA to be exact. So, as such, I didn't pay any import duty.. at least I don't think I will.. it came via FedEx. They have a way of delivering and then sending you a bill for the import duty later. But, that's usually for watches that exceed $800 that are coming in from outside the U.S. Since the watch originated from within the U.S., I am assuming no duty will incure. I'll see in a few days to a month if anything pops up in the mail for me to have to pay.

A strap change can certainly change the wearability and comfort of a watch. Good choice on the NATO 馃憤

Dammit. Now I want one.

Supa hottttt!!