Watch Adjacent Purchases

Much as I’d love to - I can’t wear all my watches all the time.

It occurred to me Cartier do a bunch of lovely accessories with watch inspiration. So I decided to treat myself to a new belt and a keyring. So I can have these on even if I’m not wearing one of my Cartier watches.

The belt is Tank inspired. Even down to the same vegan leather apple material used on my tank must solarbeat. It’s double sided (black and burgundy.)  Classic cartier colours.

The keyring is of course Santos inspired.

The total cost is roughly that of a more basic Seiko or Hamilton watch - which if I had bought instead would never get any wear!

Has anyone else dived in to watch adjacent purchases? Show us your pics!

ps. I added a second pic to show the black side.


💯! My wife constantly reminds me that there are other things to buy besides watches. I’ve purchased small items related to watches I have and I get more use out of them that buying another watch of a similar price.