Baby's First Watch Project

The other day I found this Timex Falcon Eye on Ebay for an amazing price, but there was a catch... The crystal had a gnarly crack at the 6 (see above 馃槵)

Well far be it from be too pass on such a good deal...

I talked myself into it as my first watch repair project!

I mean I've watched enough Wrist Watch Revival, how hard could it be to swap a crystal? 馃憖

Anyway, the watch just came in today so I'm going to measure and read up before I order the part(s) and I'd love to read any advice or experiences you might have on fixing or modding your pieces before I dive in

Love WWR. Wish you the best. Looking forward to your follow-up.

Just finished my first bezel removal today... not as easy as YouTube made it seem. Trying a quick, sharp motion ended up bending the original bezel beyond repair. (Not great when I hoped to replace the insert only!) Of course $3 Amazon tools also had unexpected points of failure to them. I recommend either buying the $100+ proper tools, or else going very slowly... WUS forum threads seem to be a source of much more realistic advice than I see on YouTube.

I've also been buying $2 thrift store non-running quartz watches - tearing these apart has been a good way to get familiar with the disassembly process! Bonus if you find anything that has a proper (not pot metal) case or a proper crystal. It's definitely worth ruining a few $2 items before attempting anything on a $50+ one.

I LOVE the Falcon eye! Keep us posted on the project.