New watch that I didn't know I wanted.

So, ever come across a watch you didn't even know existed, and the moment you put it on your wrist, it feels like the only watch you ever want to wear?

For the first time, this happened to me. I was in Paris, walking around all the watch shops, as you do, and stumbled across the GS AD. I went in and saw this, and immediately asked to try it on. It just looks right on me. This is not an inexpensive watch, but I have had watches on that are 10 times more expensive than this one. I have had Patek, A Lange, VC, AP, JLC, and dozens of other watches on my wrist, at AD's, but nothing looked as good as this to me. This thing just feels right.

So, now this is my new baby, and I have no idea when any other watch I own will get wrist time.

On, and the expresso was pretty good as well!



One last thing... I didn't have my funds in order when I was in Paris (I live in Thailand, and all my money is there), so I purchased the watch in Munich. Fun to be so close to the heart of European luxury watch manufacturing, and then buy something from Japan. :)