One for the aviation/history fans!

This 'Dambusters' Avro Lancaster mechanical watch was gifted to me by my parents at a time when I was heavily involved in the aviation scene here in the UK, and also going through some hard times. It was my second watch, and my first mechanical watch. So naturally this watch means a lot to me. This item was form the Bradford Exchange, and I have no idea where the movement comes from (I don't imagine it to be of high quality in all honesty), but it's always kept good time at approximately +5 seconds per day If kept topped up.

Any information on the movement of these watches would be appreciated as I have a 75th anniversary 'Battle of Britain' watch of the same style.


I also have a Lancaster watch from Bradford Exchange that my kids got for me. My city owns a real Lancaster. I have been aboard it. It’s quite a piece of machinery.

No idea what movement is inside the watch.


You can always take it to a local watch repair shop to get it opened up to find out exactly what the movement is. Unlikely to get a history lesson from there tho unless its history on the movement.