When a geographer becomes a watch nerd..

Hi there lovely people!聽

Like so many of you probably, I was fascinated by mechanical watches since my childhood. I vividly remember myself just drooling over the open caseback of my brother's Swatch. And like so many of you probably, the pandemic got me watching a lot of watch videos, which led to a growing collection. Yada yada, here I am 馃槑

I like watches that carry a special aura, like this newest addition to my watch case: a Dnepr Vostok (Komandirskie) that was made in Soviet Ukraine for the people of Ukraine. As a professional geographer/historian, this watch symbolizes history and future. We're now in the midst of an important chapter of our world's history book, and immortalizing that in a beautiful timepiece means a lot to me. On a NATO strap of course..

And that next watch? I am counting on you guys for help. What about my first diver, a one with a nice story perhaps? 馃槈聽

There are lots of interesting divers that would like you to believe that they have interesting stories. 聽Sure, you can invest in the Rolex or Panerai, but that is so common.

In the 1970's a little company in a landlocked country that no longer exists made some pretty neat divers. Go find yourself a vintage Prim diver. 聽Be the first on your block with one.

Welcome Jacob - you鈥檝e come to the right place. looking forward to seeing your collection grow.聽

Welcome, Jacob! Super cool watch. Love the Nato! 馃槑