New collabo line from Bulova, so psyched!

I just got an email from Bulova about their next collaborative collection coming this fall and wanted to share how excited I am about it.聽


I realize many of you may not know who Marc Anthony is, other than he was that guy that married and had a few kids with Jennifer Lopez. 聽But believe me, he is MUCH more than that. 聽He is the top selling singer/songwriter ever in the salsa genre, sold millions of albums around the world and has a bunch of grammy awards (regular and Latin grammys). 聽And let me tell you, he is AMAZING live. 聽Not only incredibly talented, but just as passionate about the music and the performance. 聽So yea, both me and the wifey are big fans 馃榾

Outside of music, he's done movies, he's a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins and had lines of clothing, and yes... watches. 聽As I started collecting, I HAD to pick up a few of his watches when I found out about them because, well, I'm a fan. 聽But I actually did really like a few of them (not all, several were huge 50mm monstrosities). 聽And I know many will dismiss them because they are fashion watches, but when you get them used or NOS like I did, you get great prices on them. 聽This is one of my favorites of his watches that I've come across:


Outside of just really liking the overall design and the open heart, it has a Seagull TY2807 movement that is nicely decorated and looks good with the open case back. And I've only realized that hacking/winding is not a given on automatics these days, so that was a nice bonus. 聽I was also impressed with the leather strap that it came with. 聽Actually good quality strap, even better than the leather Barton strap I bought to replace the cheap bracelet that came on another watch from his line that I got as well. 聽

All that being said, I'm REALLY excited about the collaboration with Bulova and can't wait to see what kind of designs they release. 聽They are doing a similar line like they did with Sinatra, naming the watches after some his songs. 聽So I'm looking forward to what they come up with but no other info as of yet (quartz vs automatic, how many different options, etc).

But just wanted to share my excitement. 聽My wife and I already know that Bulova will be getting our 聽馃捀 money 馃捀 at Christmas this year.