$20 for an automatic New in box with tags

Found on Facebook, woman said “will need a new battery”.…just wanted $20. done. 


If you find any bricks of gold while you walk on the street please share it with the rest of us. 


I can actually understand how an unwound automatic would seem like a quartz watch with a battery to an ill-informed person. You pick it up and handle it, it runs for a bit. Set it down, and it's stopped when you come back. And for the bulk of my life, I didn't properly understand what the term meant. I'd assume there is a screw down crown, which is another thing with which normal modern people just are not familiar. Again, including me until not long ago.

Why she didn't, you know, look into getting the battery replaced on a watch of a price that would warrant that is a mystery, but both parties left happy. This is a steal, as the cheapest Chinese automatics are about 50% more and their water resistance is about zero.