Making me greedy: skeletonised, customisable Swiss made tourbillon

Man, this is a cool watch! (Unfortunately, not my watch or photo 馃槙)

I'm quite new to this watch-thing, but so far this is perhaps not THE most beautiful watch I have seen, but it is by far the coolest - and most instantly desirable.

  • skeletonised

  • tourbillon

  • 100% Swiss made

  • customisable

  • for ca. 10k

Had no idea watches could do this to a person - I want this!! And I do not want to want this, because even though I think you get a whole lot for your money, damn, it is a whole lot of money!

Glad to report that a good night's sleep and a couple of strong espressos have sobered me up & cured me from this sudden frenzy of instant greed :)

Still think it is a very cool watch - but having researched Code41 a bit deeper I do feel the marketing part is outdoing the actual mechanical side of things. I laud them for 'engaging the audience' i.e. having people vote on design decisions (smart move as well, the ones who have voted are likely to pre-order), but looking into the Anomaly T4 (which at 2k is a lot more affordable than the Tourbillon) i cannot help but wondering why a Sellita SW-200 based watch - from a company that very much advertises its smart and transparent costing - should cost 2,000 euros...

Now enjoying the somewhat odd feeling of being happy NOT having purchased a watch 馃榾