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I’ve met my hero: 2 weeks with this sub!

“Never meet your heroes” So, my dad’s friend is a jeweler, he knows I’m into watches, so he lent me this sub. Needless to say that I was thrilled. At...
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What watch you rarely wear but you would never sell?

So what is it? (I can't leave this space empty)
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No watch collection is complete without [insert here].

My answer would my dream watch: The Tudor Black bay 58 blue dial 💙 What's yours?
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Hamza1 commented on New member saying hello ·

These are some stunning shots 😍

Hamza1 commented on What watch disappointed you? ·

thank youu for this

Hamza1 commented on What watch disappointed you? ·

Can you explain why 

Hamza1 commented on SOTC? ·

That blue Tudor is a beauty😍

Hamza1 commented on I’ve met my hero: 2 weeks with this sub! ·

Well I think you just summerized the whole situation with this "like with a rental car". Absolutely true

Hamza1 commented on What watch disappointed you? ·

If you ever think of selling it, hit me up, I'm ready to get disappointed 😂

Hamza1 commented on Only ONE! ·

Looks absolutely stunning. I'm saving up for it, hopefully I'll get one in the near future 

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You're the CEO of Rolex for one year, what will you change?

First decision: build more factories and train new watch makers. 2nd decision: get the daytona meteorite dial for free cause I'm the CEO, can't be wal...
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How do you explain this hobby we share?

When asked by friends or family "why I'm obsessed with watches", I always find myself cornered with their questions 😅 "It's amazing a mechanical movem...
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Do you wear your watch around the house?

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What's one thing you wish other enthusiasts know?

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What watch disappointed you?

What watch did you want for so long, maybe even saved for, and then after buying it, you were like meh this is pretty disappointing
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Rolex vs "poor's man" Rolex?

Tudor black Bay 58 is a better watch than the Submariner. Change my mind!
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What's your unpopular opinion about luxury watches?

I would say that Rolex have been surpassed in every way possible, they're living of the brand image alone at this point. There are many better and mor...
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