Both used, 2021 model, and in mint condition.


Two very distinct an different watches, albeit both awesome. I have the GO, but in green and absolutely love it, perhaps one of the tops in my collection from a pure horological perspective. It‘s a great dress watch and has one of the best case backs for any sub $15k watch. 

The IWC is very cool, but at 44mm and almost 15mm thick, you have to have the wrist to pull it off, sadly, I do not. It’s movement is beautiful. My only strike is while it is Yacht in name, it has very little water resistance, so do not actually fall off the yacht.  :-). To be fair, neither are meant for the water. 

Ultimately, are you looking for a chunky sport watch you’ll likely wear more, or a dress watch that also looks just as good with a pair of jeans. 


Panomatic just because of the size.  I can't wear the Portuguese given the size.