Bucherer - Heuer Pasadena

I haven't been able to find any other examples of this Bucherer branded Heuer.

Does anyone out there have one, seen one or have any information on them.



I don't have any information, but thanks for posting this example.

Heuer produced several white label versions. Great to add another one to the list.


At the risk of being accused by others as “the guy who thinks everything he says is right because he’s had everything handed to him” I would like to point out that this style of chronograph was very popular in the early 80s, with the layout remaining very similar across a vast number of brands due to the setup of the Lemania 5100 movement. I’ve also seen similar style of 3-dial set up around the Valjoux 7750. The key to which, if you cannot pop the back, is the see what the sub-dial intervals are. I have seen similar examples from Le Jour, Tourneau, Orfina, Porsche Design, Tutima, Sinn, Fortis… Bucherer is not one I’ve seen very often, but as a jeweller it was not unheard of to have versions of certain models with the jewellers name on it instead of the brand, and at the risk of definitely being a d*** whilst it’s more than likely it would be a Tag as it’s Bucherer, it might not be. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a Lemania movement in a pretty popular case and dial combo - it shouldn‘t detract from the “coolness” of this watch, it’s a classic. I can’t offer much more than that as an observer, and it is a nice piece so regardless if you own it or are planning to own it then congrats.


As you may already know Bucherer is a store in Europe.  I would speculate that this was private labeled for them by Heuer back in the day.  Heuer was known to do it and I've seen companies private label for Bucherer as well.