Aquamarine Dreaming - Super Sea Wolf Review

It's been on and off my wrists for a few months now, so I think it's time for an official review.


@JustinPHX recently had a tale of woe regarding his experience with Fossil Group corporate.  I’ve not had deal with support issues with any my watches so far, knock on wood.  Anyway, reading lots of negatives on the company inspired me to give my Zodiac some love, as mine has been a great watch.


I was reading A Blog to Watch a year or 2 ago and came across an article on the upcoming Zodiac Super Sea Wolf  'Aquamarine Dream' edition.  That name... I had to have the watch.  

From reading the Blog to Watch article I learned:

- the colorway is from underwater shots and pics of the ocean in the tropics - I had to have this watch!

- the watch comes with both a beautiful jubilee bracelet, AND a far out aquamarine band - had to have this watch!

- when you turn the watch over - a handwritten note declares: "I'd rather be swimming"   I was swimming 2 or 3 kms a few times a week and doing the odd race - I had to have this watch!

- it's of Swiss construction and has COSC certification - I'm gonna get this watch!


Before handing cash to anyone I had a few questions - but emails to Fossil went unanswered.  So just emailed Ariel at BTW.   After a bit of back and forth emails with Ariel Adams I was satisfied and started trolling the internets for possible watches.

Eventually found a good deal from a private seller (who was saving up for an Explorer) and thus he wanted to sell his mint Aquamarine Dream, almost new, unworn, with all papers - boom - sold!

The watch feels light and looks gorgeous, it's so comfortable to wear.  It's crazy accurate, gaining about 1 second a day vs. my spring drive prospex (which is essentially an atomic clock) 

The jubilee it came with is awesome, sparkly and fancy looking. If you are getting a Zodiac, 100% go for the jube.  

Bezel is clicky with no backplay, and solid feeling.  Not damped as much as my pricey divers, but it feels good and I've go no issue with it.

Crystal is lightly domed andeven the bezel is lightly domed with sapphire - it looks very cool in person and adds a little bit more sparkle.


Writing on the dial is very similar color so barely noticeable day to day.  Easy to read up close.  Zodiac target logo is polished and 3d, it looks great.

Winding 'feel' isn't the best of my watches, but it works fine so I guess all is ok here.  Setting, hacking, screwing down the crown all are basically normal, no issues here.

The Issues it has are mostly just things that are bothersome to me, but I don't think bother everyone.

I'd make the crown bigger - I hate smallish harder to grab crowns (this is still not too bad, but small compared to some divers with huge grabby crowns)

Add a color matched date wheel with a small date somewhere.  I prefer having a date (and day!) on all my watches.  So useful for the weird hours I work.

The lume on this watch sucks.  I am a lume snob, spoiled by high end prospex models.  My Swiss watches are mostly subpar compared to my Seiko divers, and this watch is a total flop.  Not sure why, you'd think a green-ish colorway would let you go crazy and lume the F out of your dial markers.

42 hours ( or is it 44?) is shortish for a power reserve. STP ... 

But it's a 28,000 beat COSC movement and it's not that pricey!... so I can't be too harsh on this.


Aquamarine Dreaming - Super Sea Wolf Review

Yes No
  • Colorway
  • Accuracy
  • Both bracelet and tropical band are great
  • Feels light and comfy on my small 6.25 wrist
  • Good value for highly accurate and unique Swiss diver
  • Crappy lume
  • No date
  • Bigger crown