My new Aquastar Deepstar II Silverstar

My Aquastar Deepstar II arrived today and I was quite thrilled to get it.  So I decided to do another quick review right after.

A few minor issues I notice was that Aquastar only provided a 1 year warranty.  I know the brand has just been revived, but giving it just a 1 year warranty doesn't give that feeling of exclusivity.

The Deepstar II comes with two straps, a NATO strap and a tropic strap which came installed with the watch. The tropic strap is comfortable, but the watch buckle edges felt sharp and it was poking on my wrist.  I wouldn't really recommend the Silverstar as much because the silver colored dial can make it difficult to see the time, especially when you are under the sun.  A bit of contrast would have been good.

Size wise, it's similar to my Zenith A384 Revival, but the Zenith felt better on the wrist, probably because of the strap.  I'm probably going to try out another buckles to see if I can have a more comfortable fit.

Other than that, the dial and bezel is pretty fantastic!  Do let me know if anyone else has the Deepstar II in their collection as well.