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Let's talk about Rolex (again)

It's not a hate post. I'm just intrigue at how things are run behind the crown. Just had a quick read on how the Hans Wildorf foundation is so into ph...

Would you sell your Tudor Black Bay 58 for a Black Bay 54

Ever since the announcement in W&W 2023 of the Black Bay 54, I've been thinking quite a lot about it. The fact was that they didn't make the perfe...

How often do you change your watch straps?

So here I am in front of my desk, with a plan to swap the crocodile strap on my Grand Seiko 283 Kishun to something I just got. But before doing so, I...

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commented on [NWA] Roast This Watch

I can't see why Tag would think that people would pay so much for a reissue of their vintage quartz watches....now.

Heuer reissues on the other hand is something else.

commented on A little buyer's remorse

I'm more or less going in that same direction! I try to fool myself by thinking that I needed another watch. Someday I hope someone comes up with top 10 reasons why we don't need another watch.

commented on I actually wanted one: Tag Heuer x Kith - Formula 1

For the same price, you can get a used Omega Seamaster 36mm James Bond.

commented on Which Watch for Women?

I would choose to gift my wife a Tissot watch. However, I firmly believe that the most meaningful gift I can give her is not the watch itself, but rather being a devoted husband and a loving father to our children.

commented on Cristopher Ward New release

Huge amount of hype for this watch in the WC forum and I'm having a hard time reading anything else 馃榾

Skeletonized watches have never appealed to me, mainly because they tend to obscure the visibility of the hands. After all, we do occasionally glance at our watches to tell the time!

It looked like Zenith and the AP Royal Oak had a baby. And if we are going to talk appeal, it won't be spoken of as much as an El Primero and a Royal Oak.

commented on Best Nautilus/Royal Oak Alternatives?

I believe there鈥檚 no comparison when it comes to luxury and prestige. Brands like AP and Patek offer unmatched value. Even if you explore alternatives with similar designs, they won鈥檛 quite measure up.

I鈥檝e thought about Girard-Perregaux (GP), but it lacks the same allure. While historical appeal matters to some, I鈥檝e noticed newer and smaller watch brands creating more visually appealing timepieces.

commented on Do we have a WatchCrunch Echo Chamber?

We can all agree that the site caters to enthusiasts, and personally, I appreciate that. Microbrands receive more collective attention here than anywhere else. However, we rarely delve into the specifics of their warranties or servicing expertise and costs.

I鈥檝e owned two highly anticipated watches: a Tissot PRX 35mm automatic and a Black Bay 58. Trying them out at the AD and actually owning them isn't the same. I understand the importance of that firsthand experience to determine comfort.

I eventually sold the Black Bay 58 because I desired a smaller watch. Despite purchasing Uncle Seiko鈥檚 half links, I could never get the bracelet to fit perfectly. On the other hand, my PRX remains a reliable part of my Monday rotation.

Over time, some watches that felt comfortable at the AD lost their appeal. So, in summary, a watch鈥檚 hype doesn鈥檛 necessarily align with its suitability for an individual.

Remember, personal preferences and comfort play a significant role in choosing the right watch, regardless of its popularity.

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