Thoughts on designer watches?

This watch has been a sort of “junk watch” in my collection for years with me primarily wearing seikos(and lorus), citizen and Casio watches however in the time I’ve had it it’s never put a foot wrong. Second hand alignment is perfect, the date is always correct, I’ve only ever set the time once on it. While I’ve never seen the movement I never assumed that it would be one of those tiny cheap ones but at its price tag of £200 (at the time of buying) im not so sure anymore because I thought I was paying for the brand. Not taking sides on designer watches, just giving the community food for thought 🤔


I suspect that the people that bemoan these types of watches don't actually have any experience with them. They're fine for what they are. The build quality is at least decent and I really doubt they're any worse than the average Timex or the like. One is paying something for a name, and the styling can often be a little overwrought. The buyer probably knows this and is fine with it.