Deceptive PRX size

I have what I consider an average wrist size just under 7 inches. I鈥檓 considering pulling the trigger on a Quartz PRX in the next couple of weeks, so I popped into to a dealer to try for size. I am surprised at how big the 40mm wears, too big in my opinion with 35mm looking more in proportion. Of all the colours available in Quartz I think the white/silver with gold hands and hour markers looked the best. What鈥檚 your thoughts on how the PRX sits on the wrist?

I agree. 35mm is the best option.

I'd say I don't know why they make this in a dive watch size but the buyer pool largely isn't as wise or tasteful as the OP. Someone will surely blame it on the integrated bracelet but size is size and 40mm was never a good idea for normal watches.

Integrated bracelet definitely gonna make it look and wear bigger than the usual 35mm watches