Sales hunt!!!

Hello everybody! 

I was scouting the internet for a sale on interesting pieces and found this Reservoir. 

i Generally like to see the watch in person so not sure what to expect! Can anyone advice ? 


A great find at that reduced price.

I have a similar watch from reservoir, it's a great piece of engineering! Super satisfying hearing the subtle click once per hour. Makes you check your watch much more often :)

I bought mine second hand, currently in for repairs, so I can't speak to how reliable they are. 

The highlight of my collection, would recommend.


What about a Forza? At only 650 pounds it’s pretty good value, similar design to what your looking at.


I don't have any experience with them, but the retrograde minutes and the jump hour certainly make them interesting. I've considered them in the past, but without being able to see and handle them in person first, I wasn't prepared to pay their MSRP.  To me, it is more of a novelty, and as such, I feel that even the sale price you've shown is a bit much without the opportunity to handle them to gauge the quality first.