Current collection

I haven't been serious about collecting until recently, but I think I've got the illness now. My son's favorite watch is the swatch in the top row middle 馃槃

It's kind of a weird group tbh

Nice variation, looks like you have most situations covered.

nice collection. i see you got raymond weil too

nice Tudor. 聽No treatment For this illness so enjoy the ride. 聽聽

I have never seen a Swatch like that before nice 馃憣

That 007 swatch is cool. Never seen that before.


That 007 swatch is cool. Never seen that before.

I got it at the swatch shop in Honolulu after the first two Craig movies were super popular. I'm not totally sure if the second was released at that point, but there was a big resurgence in popularity when he took over the Bond role

Love the Ebel! A brand with a great history of making high end watches that suffered some horrible mismanagement, and is headed toward 鈥淚鈥檓 not familiar with that brand鈥 territory.