What's your favorite ugly rip off?

For me the prize has to go to the Casio Frogturd just because I see them so often on social media.聽

And it's only $2500 so you know you're getting a good deal. (Those quartz movements are expensive after all. It's not like Casio have been selling them in $10 watches for the past 50 years.) And the plastic strap must cost a small fortune to manufacture.

And if you think about it, that's like, $77,500 less than an AP Royal Croak. What a deal!

To be fair to Audefart Piglet, hot-gluing a quarter inch nut to the crown requires a long trip to the hardware store and hiring a highly skilled lady who is into scrapbooking.聽


DON'T EVEN get me started on the fake screws. 馃槀

I also really wish brands stopped using computer renders like these for product images. It's lazy and often oversells or undersells the real look of the product.聽

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Mate, you need a snickers! 馃槀


Mate, you need a snickers! 馃槀

Yeah I probably do

Dear god! My eyes! I鈥檓 all for multiband but multi-colour? Lol