Advice: What Watch Spots to Visit While in New York City?

Any suggestions on some nice ADs or preowned dealers to stop by while in NYC? No plans to buy anything.  So more looking for recommendations where the staff is friendly and engages / welcomes enthusiasts and some watch talk.   

Currently reside in the Boston area, but heading down to NYC for the weekend with the family.     Familiar with New York, but haven't been in about three or four years  and before I got pulled into this  hobby :)   We are staying in the downtown / financial area but can certainly get to other parts of the city.  

Welcome any advice from the watch crunchies and thanks!

Note:  Pic is screen grab from an NY Times Article.  


I am keen to hear others' views here as well, however I was in NY three months ago for business (and will be again shortly), and I went to the Vacheron Constantin flagship store - it is well worth a visit. I chatted to the staff there and they ended up giving me a full tour, including their event space. It's like a little museum with some cool interactive displays. 

From Google Maps the diamond district looked good, but I only had Sunday available and everything was closed sadly. 

Looking forward to hearing other suggestions too 😎


If the Tourneau shop in Manhattan is still there, it is definitely worth visiting.  


There are of course endless ADs and brand boutiques in New York. I've had pretty decent experiences in most of them. These stand out to me; others will have other ideas.

Since you're downtown, my first in person watch shopping experience was at Watches of Switzerland in SoHo. A gentleman named Carlos greeted me at the door, and even though I said I was just looking, he ended up following me around the store as I stopped at case after case. I must have tried on a dozen watches. He was quite knowledgeable, too. I don't know if he's still there. Worth a visit.

While we're in SoHo, if you're into Grand Seiko, I'm quite partial to the boutique on Spring Street (I bought my first luxury watch there, back when they were a pop-up shop a few blocks east). A lot to see, and the staff is quite gracious (say hi to Eric).

The newly renovated Tourneau, excuse me, Bucherer Time Machine on 57th St. is now a grand three floor palace of watches. It's not my favorite place, but it's an experience. They offer you drinks and chocolate. I personally wouldn't bother with the other Torneaus, ahem, Bucherers around down.

Wempe is quite nice, big collection, with nice, knowledgeable staff.

Cartier and Bulgari are not just watches, but are definitely experiences.

Cellini on Madison specializes in nose bleed high end independents, the likes of Moser, Urwerk, Ressence, De Bethune etc. I tried on a Lange Zeitwerk there. Even though it was quite clear to me and the salesman that all that stuff was way out of my league, we had a nice chat and joked about choosing between a watch and a house as I tried on a few stratospherically priced watches.

Be wary of the Diamond District. I don't have the fortitude to shop there, and have to gird my loins just to window shop. It's full of touts and hustle and hard sell. You'll see dozens of Rolexes and Pateks in the window though. Most shops are closed on Saturday, because Shabbos.

The epicenter of grand watch empouria is in the 50s on Madison and 5th. There are small clusters elsewhere, SoHo, Hudson Yards, the Oculus (closest to where you're staying; there's a London Jewelers, Breitling, Longines, Mont Banc), even Chinatown (which feels a bit like 47th St.). Let Google Maps be your guide, and have fun!