Fink Watches

Came across this brand today whilst searching for a tool kit. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of FINK?聽

New to watch nerdery 馃 and their DIY kits took my interest. Seiko and Miyota movements by the looks so can't be the worst things going.聽

They look OK and the website claims to regulate the movements to within +/- 10 seconds/day. Not a lot of info online but what little there is looks positive.

Unless you're steady of hand and patient I'd suggest an already built watch.

Then there's the name.

Thanks. I FINK I'll give them a try 馃ぃ聽

A built watch is the first port of call but I'd love to try a kit and see what I can learn from the experience.聽

Is +/- 10 seconds per day normal for those movement types?聽