Hello every one , I'm new here and I have a question actually, 聽i had this citizen watch and want to make sure if it's real and not fake and know the price of it聽

So do u know how I can do that聽

And please consider that I'm also new to the watch's world also 馃槄馃槄馃槄

No way of venturing an opinion without a clear picture.

Welcome to WC! 聽You might start at the caseback, is there any writing on it? 聽Any small writing or numbers on the dial? 聽After that, a look inside might help, but I鈥檓 thinking somebody around here might be able to help based on the outside. Good luck.聽

Looks like a very old model, but the logo looks right.

The photo is too dim and not clear enough to scrutinize. Probably from the 90鈥檚 if real.聽