Tudor Black Bay 36 Purchased via Analog Shift and Watches of Switzerland

This is my first post on WatchCrunch. I'm really glad this forum exists. The Saturday videos are AWESOME!  I'm putting this up for all those who've ever wondered about buying a pre-owned watch from Watches of Switzerland via their partner Analog Shift. I've been looking for a Tudor Black Bay 36mm since I'm slight of wrist (6 1/4") and the 41mm with L2L of 50mm is just stretching it a bit for me. If Teddy Baldasarre or the Chap's Guide channel on YouTube hadn't mentioned Watches of Switzerland I wouldn't have thought to add them in the search along with all the usual haunts (Ebay, Bob's, Crown & Caliber, Hodinkee, Theo & Harris, etc).  I was surprised to fine a used BB36 just a bit below $2k on the leather strap with Tudor clasp on WofS offered through their pre-owned partner vendor Analog Shift. (To find out more WoFS CEO has a podcast interview with the founder of AS). However, the description was incredibly sparse in terms of what came with it: box, papers, extra strap? It was late at night and customer service was not open for chat but I decided to go for the purchase through the WofS website (which included a $100 off coupon, which covered tax). Since WofS is a household brand on par with Tourneau as a vendor I figured my ignorance was worth the risk. The description on WofS was an exact match to the Analog Shift website so I knew there was consistency. What I got: per the pictures you can see I just received the watch on the strap which more than merits the $1k discount from MSRP. It came in both a WofS shipping box which was superbly wrapped inside this more than sturdy and ornate AS box. For a "low ball" purchase of a used watch it was certainly 5-star shipping treatment coming free from them via Fedex next day shipping as standard. Hope this helps answer any questions for anyone. Next time I would've waited to talk to customer service to find out more, but I'm not unhappy with the outcome. In the end I got a pristine pre-owned watch that was perfect. BTW the lume shot appears blue but actually glows green IRL and the NATO strap is 20mm but fits perfectly on the 19mm lugs.


Awesome! Welcome and congrats on the beautiful Tudor!!