Diver style watches!

I didn't include my dw6900, which I consider in the spirit of dive watches, because due to it lacking hands it doesn't really fit the theme. (It kinda does functionality! 200m of wr and the only one I could trust to go actually live up to that, the timex "only" has 30. To set count down timer and alarm you can only go one way, kinda a unidirectional bezel. Supposedly issued to Navy Seals, actual divers. And its still sorta round!) 

The Invicta is one of 2 autos I have, I have to get it it's own strap. I like the look of the timex more than anything, it's a bit old school, reminds me a bit of zodiac styling. That white dial casio is a keeper mostly because I can't inflict that shockingly hard to resize bracelet on someone else. The Duro is my most recent watch, I didn't realize how big it is until I put it next to the other watches.