Analog week observations

After doing all digital for January I tried to go for a week of wearing only analog watches.

I have a lot of watches.

I really like my timers. I only wore my SNK807 once, I like that watch, but having some kind of timer helps. I still want a dressier "just time" watch along the same lines, inexpensive but good.

Movable bezels and chronographs ftw.

The Invicta pro diver continues to be fun to wear.

The Citizen Promaster is an outlandish watch.

I didn't miss my hourly beeps as much as thought I would! Weird! I would wear my fancy g shock square in the morning because that's my alarm and I need it for coffee making. But hourly chime went mostly unmissed.

One of my least favorite watches I have is, shockingly, a budget casio. It has a chronograph but ah it's not as good as it could be.

I want a bit of a nicer auto, but I don't want to buy another automatic. The solution would be to sell my 2 autos, but I like them a lot! And I can't imagine the secondary market for those would be worth it to the seller, which would be me.

Eco drive ftw.

I need to step my band game up.

The duro is a great watch for the price, can't belive I didn't buy one sooner.

I wouldn't mind another chronograph... I'm thinking something from the Edifice line.