2 more watches!!

I gave in to Judi's (just one more watch) 11/11 AliExpress list. I ordered those two watches in addition to all the parts for 2 builds as I shared with you guys yesterday.

I never thought I'd buy a Pagani design watch, not to put them or any of those who like them down, I just simply hate the brand name. A deep visceral hate. But here I am, never say never. This world timer was DIFFERENT and cheap enough to say "Why the hell not?!". Only thing I don't like is the gold hands with silver everything.聽

The steel dive is a straight up copy of the Willard, but again very cheap and the quality is amazing. I'm very impressed. 聽Nothing more to say about either watches for now.聽

That being said, I received both watches yesterday, the same day I was building my own interpretation of the Seiko spb 185. So needles to say, my excitement for receiving them was way tempered and both watches will remain in their bixes for quiet some time until my honey moon pahse with my built weans off.聽

I'm starting to worry. With all the boxes I'm getting, my wife is giving me weird looks. If I don't show up for a while. Call the cops 馃憖