Spinnaker Cahill - Help For Heroes

Here with this watch - The Cahill, Spinnaker collaborates with Help For Heroes. This is an organization which helps "heroes". In this case, a percentage of the price paid (5%) goes to British veterans.

This watch is already sold out, but I know that Spinnaker will continue to work with Help For Heroes in the future.

Why am I featuring this watch when it is already sold out ?

Because I think it can be seen as representative for Spinnaker. A brand that almost everyone in the watch world knows.

Why does almost everyone know this brand ?! Because it is very present on social media ?!

This is probably true, but would be way too simple.

Everyone knows this brand because they know what they are getting.

Spinnaker delivers every time again watches, which for the price range ( 300-800$) simply have an enormously good quality. In addition, there is a good story to each watch and also the package (extra straps, tools, etc.) is just really good.

Let's have a look at this watch !

First of all the specs :

The watch has 43mm diameter, as well as a lug to lug of 50 mm.

Pleasant 13 mm height.

It has a sapphire crystal and 300m WR.

And what is so special about the watch ?

For just under 400$ you get a limited edition - 200 pcs.

Automatic movement (Seiko) and 300m WR at relaxed height.

Many micro brands always have such immensely high watches - fortunately this is not the case with Spinnaker!

The coloring is also something Spinnaker does very well, which is evident on this watch.

The bezel looks almost black, but in the right light you can see that it is a very deep blue with traces of purple.

The dial has a beautiful fine texture that perfectly underlines the light hue. In addition, the indices in a beautiful play of dark blue, light blue and red. The color scheme is found on the entire dial again.

The band - solid steel band which does not wobble.

Of course you have to keep in mind that it is a watch for 400$ and not 1500$ !

For that, the band is really good and wears very comfortable.

No sharp edges on the watch, the bezel can be turned nicely with a good and solid sound.

The crown has a good grip and is nicely highlighted, by the red line in the middle.

And that pulls through on all Spinnaker models ! You get a hell of a watch for the money with appropriate attention to detail !

But now to the negative aspects - if you want to call them that.

I feel the grip of the bezels as still good, but it could be better and ( now it becomes very meticulous ) - the handstacking !

Please do not forget - we are talking about a watch for 400$, so this negative aspect is probably unjustified, but I would like to note that the handstacking is relatively high ( not unusual!!), but if this would be "lowered" - it would be bombastic !

As a conclusion, I can state that you get here a price performance firecracker with very verschmerzbaren supposed negative aspects.

The clock is beautiful! The colors are very nice and especially high quality in tone and appearance and the casebuild is also very good!

What do you think of Spinnaker ?


I think Spinnaker is an underappreciated brand that does deliver quality watches at reasonable prices. I have one of the Spinnaker/Islander Hi Beat Croft watches (the white sand dial) and I love it.