Nubeo Cassini

Nubeo Cassini - as the name suggests and as you can also see, this watch is visually based on the Cassini space probe.

It has a remarkable diameter of 50mm.
The height is given as 16 mm, which actually sounds a lot, but it is important to note that it is a very clever design solution - like the Omega Speedmaster, for example.
The rotor of the automatic movement is given space by a "protuberance" in the middle of the case back, whereas the outer part of the back is kept "flat".
This makes the watch feel like a 12-13mm high watch on the arm, which is very comfortable and very flat.
I would even be inclined to say that it could be worn under the cuff - and / or with any sporty outfit - the height doesn't get in the way of any occasion " see also the picture of the profile of the watch.
The watch comes with a rubber strap - which is really more than comfortable to wear. 
I'm not really a fan of rubber straps, but this one feels "warm" and supple. Wearing comfort - nearly perfect!

Since it has a 200m WR it`s also a good match if you want to use and wear it in water.

The watch seems to have two different "lume levels" - see photo.
The outer indices are brighter than the inner ones - which I find an interesting gimmick.
The movement seems to be galvanised and the rotor is slightly decorated - which gives the whole thing a nice look.
The design in general is kept simple and you could really think that it could fly around in space as a probe - from the design ;)
As mentioned, it uses a Japanese automatic movement, which you can look at - skeletonised.
There is nothing to criticise about the quality of the workmanship.

Personally, at 17.3 cm wrist, it is a little too big for me with the 50 mm, but if you are looking for a big watch, you will find it here.