Memory Lane

RIP to a real one.

I spent a fine year with the 3861 Speedy Pro but ultimately recently decided to move it to fund a new piece. Yes it's iconic, has an excellent movement and is probably the best proportioned chronograph dial ever. That said, the lyre lugs and the printed dial irk me. Why they don't add applied polished indices to the Pro is beyond me. Given my tight collection limit (5 or less), it's a bittersweet but ultimately steadfast farewell.

Long may she run. We'll always have summer '23..

If this means my account gets frozen, I'll understand 馃槅

PS. I know the true nerds still have one question. Answer: 馃オ

Regret letting my go, when I only had it a few weeks. Really want another one back again. Personally love the lyre lugs. But get what tiger mean about the printed dial, part of me did feel it didn鈥檛 warranty it鈥檚 price tag. Now I鈥檝e cycled through a few others, I see the appeal.

What was it moved for?


What was it moved for?

Stay tuned. Haven't even taken possession yet. Will post when I have it in the metal.

welcome to the club...sold my speedy pro also a couple of years ago....I guess I just outgrew it, I just stopped wearing it......and it is also too hyped for what it is for me....never regretted selling it, I am glad it is gone.