Cartier Tank must

Help me choose between the Cartier Tank must and the Cartier Tank Solar beat? (Large)


From what I understand, here are the main differences other solar vs not solar.

straps: regular leather or bracelet on Must and vegan leather on SolarBeat

dials: slightly (paint thickness) raised numerals on Must and slightly recessed (cut out) numerals on SolarBeat

battery life: 6 years on Must to 16 years on SolarBeat

track-record of technology: Must quartz has a proven reliability, SolarBeat is new and still to be seen how it holds up

wait time: possible difference in how quickly you can get one, maybe this is no longer the case, maybe it depends where you are

I don’t know about price difference because a bracelet would change the price some for the Must and maybe a discount is offered for one and not the other. I’m guess there aren’t discounts at all given the popularity of Cartier at the moment.

With those things in mind, hopefully your preferences in those areas make a clear decision.


I have been going through this same choice. I’m leaning toward the standard tank must. Battery seems more reliable in the long term. this is especially true when you consider that they did not offer a solar ronde Cartier. Also I’m not a fan of the sandwich dial. Thought when it was first released the solar had perforated numerals which was a super cool concept to me. Hence the sandwich dial design is a bit of a let down for me.


Tank Must. Unless you’re a vegan.