Ming 17.06 Monolith Light Play

Hopefully another watch not too many people see or get their hands on. This is the Ming Monolith from 2019. I know the black-on-black look is not for everyone, but this one has a special trick up its sleeve that is hard to see with pictures and that is the way it plays with light. The outer ring on the dial has almost a mirror finish that you cannot see straight on, but as I attempted to demonstrate in the pictures, turn it towards the light, and all of a sudden it almost lights up. This was not demonstrated in the original pictures when I ordered it, so it was a nice surprise. 

On top of that it wears amazingly; 38mm, 10mm thick, with a L2L of 43.9mm and a classic ETA 2824, so future servicing will be easy. 

<Should have done a better job of wiping the case! The macro really does pick up everything.>  


This is soooo dope. You’d never know unless you wore it - I mean, I’ve never seen a review on this so maybe that’s where I missed it. Great set of dimensions on this too. Thanks for sharing! 🔥