Nixon - The Cannon - Shoot to Thrill? Not really.

Ok, so I had a Nixon #nwa not that long ago. It was the Nixon Time Teller, which retails for $60. Now I came across a Nixon - Cannon: Shoot to Thrill, which retailed for $150. The only reason I bring up the retail price of these watches is to highlight how crazy it is that I would take the Time Teller over the Cannon any day. The TT reminds me of the Swatches of the 80’s: Stylish with a unique look at a good price point. The Cannon reminds me of Fossils of the 90’s: clunky and dated. Neither watch has any bells or whistles but the TT is fun to wear and looks cool. The Cannon is VERY heavy and looks like I should be watching Sum 41 at the Vans Warped tour. So, why did I buy it? It was $24. And rightly so. I do have a third Nixon on the way, The Spencer. I should have a #nwa of that on Monday. I guess that will be my Nixon tiebreaker.