A good cheap watch from Amazon?!

Until yesterday I was batting 0 of 5 for cheap watches from Amazon. Of course, I’m not expecting anything amazing for $43. Just something that looks ok and works. I think I finally found that watch. The quality and eye for detail is amazing in this cheap watch. Naturally, only time will tell if it truly is any good but it looks and feels amazing!  

Cut to 6 hours from now and the thing has eroded my skin to the bone and exploded in my face, blinding me. 


They really smudged the ink where it lists the water resistance as 164 ft.


Actually no, I just checked it. It’s probably me having the shakes from crack withdrawal. This watch so far is surprisingly impressive. One thing I did notice is the 10 on the bottom dial wasn’t painted very well. And I think the date is supposed to go in the notch next to it. 


But hey, $43!