Titanium grade 2 too easy to scratch?

I really like the CW 12 and I would love to get the titanium version. However, I'm afraid that the grade 2 titanium will be too soft and easy to scratch. Does anyone have experience with grade 2 titanium?


Buy and enjoy. Don鈥檛 stress the scratches.

As the Philly Lawyer said, buy and wear, after owning the steel, I significantly doubt the titanium will show scratches more.

It's light and you might forget you're wearing a watch. But as others have said, don't fret the scratches.

I have a Certina DS grade 2 titanium diver. Found a scratch on the clasp. Read somewhere about using a pen eraser to polish it out.

Worked a treat.


Yes it will scratch more, not coz it is grade 2 but because it has no hardness coating, meaning it will scratch easier than steel.

Bwc recently did a case material scratch test vid. Whether scratches will bother you is entirely up to yku