Dirty Dozen homage

Any thoughts on dirty dozen homage coming from Outline watches Japan ?

A sterile dial would elevate it quite a bit in my opinion. The font and length of the logo doesn鈥檛 fit with the rest of the dial.

I鈥檝e never owned one though, so I don鈥檛 have any comments on quality, this is the first I鈥檝e heard of the brand.

There鈥檚 another Japanese brand making vintage military watch homages, Kuoe Kyoto.

We're doing a homage as well. 1st review for 1945 D-12 launching 6 June. http://www.scottishwatches.co.uk/2023/05/10/evolving-a-military-spec-watch-the-vario-1945-d12-review/