Bezel change?????

I've got a bit of a quandary concerning my b42 marinemaster, its a stunning watch but the bezel over hangs the watch body by about 2mm so a 40mm watch is actually 44mm and my wrists aren't that big. Now the b42 bezels are all interchangeable and the cosmonaut bezel as well. Sooooooo thinking of buying a different bezel that doesn't over hang so watch won't be so big. Its also a silver bezel what do you guys think yay or nay, I can always sell bezel if I don't like it. 馃

I just changed the bezel insert in one of my divers to a similar brushed style. I love it!聽

I took the plunge and ordered bezel,some people say they don't fit marine master but its same case as all b42 models and this bezel fits b42 so fingers crossed 馃憤