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Would love to hear the thoughts and experiences from owners of the SBGK009!

I’m expecting to wear on a leather strap most of the time, although that bracelet looks really comfortable. Will be trying on in person so will confirm fit on my 6.5” wrist etc. 

Almost ready to make the call to the AD, and I guess I'm looking for affirmation before taking the plunge (so feel free to share your thoughts too even if you’re not an owner of this watch). 


Dude, that watch is pure fire!!!

One, every Grand Seiko is going to end up a "unique" piece, because they only make something like 80,000 watches a year - I've never seen one in the wild.  Two, everyone seems to gravitate towards the Heritage collection, so anything from the Elegance collection is going to be doubly rare.  Three, you have amazing taste!  That is going to look just mega on your wrist.   

I don't own one, but I've handled one in a GS boutique, and the bracelet is out of this world.  Not only does GS do an amazing job with all the polishing and faceting and whatnot on the dial and the case, but the bracelet reflects light straight up like a disco ball too!



Yeah this watch is crazy awesome - its beautiful - I love the dial layout - the bracelet is awesome - There is also a cool blue texted sunburst version - I think its the SBGK005G. 


The SBGK005 is the limited edition and I had a chance to buy one at a really reasonable price about a year ago but the bank account wasn't cooperating. The price difference feels too high now compared to this, especially because I’m buying to wear not “invest”. 


I actually own the SBGK005 and purchased this bracelet from the boutique. It is absolutely the most comfortable watch I have. My wrist is around 6.25”. If you get a chance, try it on at the AD. Also to note, I’ve seen the 009 on secondary market with a deep discount.